children in need comedy night at shepherds bush empire

Hot on the heels of our Hen and Chicken gigs - more on which shortly - we're delighted to announce another London date.

The Penny Dreadfuls' Aeneas Faversham is but one of nine fine comedy acts coming together to raise money for Children in Need at The Shepherds Bush Empire at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th November. Doors open at 6.30pm.

Tickets cost £11, with everything but the VAT going to charity. You can either buy online or by calling Ticket Web on 0870 771 2000. Handling charges will apply BUT NOT if you buy in person from the theatre box office.

Finding the venue is the height of simplicity - the main problem being deciding which of three delightful tube stations to use. We like the tube: it's reassuringly Victorian.

So, those important details again: Aeneas Faversham at The Shepherds Bush Empire at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th November. Remember: it's not for us, it's for the children.

The Smoky Streets

Dear The Internet,

Seldom is it incumbent on me to scribble down my meandering thoughts on a little scrap of e-paper, place them in an interenvelope (which apparently, isn't a melon of any sort) and post them to you; today is a different matter. For today, we are in London. A fact that hasn't eluded many a popular organ.

This evening we will gently brush the farmyard animals off the chairs so that they may be utilised to accomodate the braying hordes one assumes will be attending our delightfully monikered Islington venue. In the distant mists of time, and before it acquired its modern day hankering for sun and sand, the Egyptian city of Boosh was contained within the walls of the pub. Delightful!

My regards to all.

Thom Tuck, esq.


Just a quick note updating those Faver-fans (yes that is the official name for people that find their way inadvertantly to these pages) interested in the beautiful garb in which the Dreadfuls are regularly to be seen. Prior to the Fringe, we were clothed in a motley selection of items, from the suit I wore to my sister's wedding to Jamie's grandfather's sunday best. For the Fringe, and our upcoming appearance in London a Kingdom-wide search for Britain's finest Victoriana was initiated under the capable eye of the lovely Trish Kenny, an Edinburgh-based costume mistress.

Anticipating a spate of gigs, entertaining at the palace and providing the half-time show at Super-bowl XXXVIII, we have decided to invest in tailor-made outfits, specifically designed to show off our expressive facial hair and well-turned calves. To this end we are proud to announce the appointment of Lisa Cochrane as our official Penny Dreadfuls Costume Mistress tm. She will be providing us with the myriad different costumes required for us to take our audiences on our fantastical journies of the mind. While only a non-executive member of the Penny Dreadfuls council (just like Dave), she is permitted to wear the Order of Aeneas (Second Class,) (just like Jamie).

P.S. Just been watching that Nike advert with everyone doing backflips and stuff set to that ethereal piano music. I am single. All female athletes, dancers and just flexible girls please advertise here.

p.p.s. I am the tall one.

london prices

Ticket prices for our London gigs have now been confirmed at £6/£5 conc (£5/4 to members of the Hen and Chicken) - which is tremendously cheap, given that even a tiny cup of milk costs over a thousand pounds in the national capital. To book, leave your details on 020 7704 2001.

Those all important dates again: Aeneas Faversham at The Hen and Chicken Theatre, Islington, London. 24-25th September, 7.30pm.

the radio spectacular in pictures

The Radio Spectacular

The Dreadfuls recording the Radio Spectacular, on stage at the Bedlam Theatre.
The Dreadfuls performed the Aeneas Faversham Radio Spectacular to a sold-out crowd at the Bedlam last night, giving all-new sketches their first airing in the light of day. And it was all captured in stunning high-fidelity sound - many thanks to Technical Supremo Xander for his equipment and expertise. After a few nips and tucks something's going to happen to that audio, a CD or a podcast or whatever, so check back for details.

The crew is currently gearing up for the London dates, placing ourselves in strategic locations around the country and waiting for the green light. Watch this space.

Faversham @ The Bedlam

Last night's gig at the Bedlam Theatre went down a treat with the lucky bunch of lucky audience that were lucky enough to get their hands on tickets. Quite a different space from the Underbelly (a lot more of Humphrey was visible, for one thing), with a bunch of different lighting effects occurring as a result.

Next up, the Radio Show Spectacular on Saturday. I'm currently sourcing some old-timey microphones to sweeten the deal. New sketches! New fun! Be there!

extra gig

We're delighted to announce a further Edinburgh performance in the coming week on Tuesday 12th September at 7.30pm in The Bedlam Theatre.

So that's an additional peformance of Aeneas Faversham on Tuesday - with our original Saturday performance in Edinburgh now upgraded to The Aeneas Faversham Radio Show Spectacular - the best bits of the original show and the promise of all new bespoke radiophonic scenes.


what the dickens?

Dear the internet,

I write to you now to express my delight in discovering that the very famous charles dickens esq. took time out of his busy schedule, which includes such wonderful activities as "being dead," to write a small account of life as Penny Dreadful Humphrey Ker and his new clock. You can read this on the dickensblog here. In other news, my scullery ceiling caved in. Hip hip huzzah!

yours interwebularly,
Thom Tuck esq.

PS, I am perturbed by your lack of contact in recent weeks, the internet. All you send me are stock reports and tips. I applaud your entrepreneurial spirit, but you forgot my birthday.

all important gig dates

The Penny Dreadfuls are delighted to announce a limited London run of their hit fringe show, Aeneas Faversham at 7.30pm on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th September in the Hen and Chicken Theatre, Islington. The venue is incredibly easy to find as it's opposite the Highbury & Islington Tube Station, on the Victoria Line.

We'll be announcing ticket prices in the next few days so please check back for final details. If that wasn't enough, we also have one final post-Fringe Edinburgh performance on Saturday 16th September, 7.30pm in The Bedlam Theatre with tickets at an incredible £1. We're doing it for the kids, apparently.

So, those important dates again:

EDINBURGH: Aeneas Faversham at The Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh. 16th September, 7.30pm. Booking Line: 0131 225 9893 or call 07984037417

LONDON: Aeneas Faversham at The Hen and Chicken Theatre, Islington, London. 24-25th September, 7.30pm. Booking details to follow ASAP.

If you want to go to both gigs, you'll need these directions, which are slightly less straightforward (and I'm not convinced you really have to go via Glasgow) but it'll be worth it all the same, we're sure.

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