Dear The Internet...

Or, I forgot to tell you about Episode One.

So. Here I am. There you are. Looking all sexy. Have you had your hair done? It looks lovely. No, really. I'm not being sarcastic. Oh. Don't be like that. Come back...

Well. It seems that the repeat of our BBC7 show, The Brothers Faversham, has started and we all forgot to tell you about it. How silly of us. Well, you can listen to the second episode if the fancy takes you. I think it's my favourite from the first series. And now the BBC has got all the radio stuff on iPlayer it's easier to tell your friends how to find it. If you fancy spreading the word, do.

I'll try and do a bloggle each week to tell you when the new episode is up. So you know. Incidentally, they're going to run the first series straight into the second. We're super proud of season two cos we think we've got better at doing them.

Yours e-mmediately,

thom tuck, esq.