Intrepid Production Team

Idil Sukan
Management & Graphic Design

Idil is the manager of the Penny Dreadfuls and executive producer of the shows. In a rare twist to the standard producer mould, she personally designs all the bits and pieces of publicity for the troupe such as posters, the graphical parts of this website, tickets & flyers, badges, stickers and the now rather famous promotional decks of playing cards distributed during the Edinburgh Festival. She has worked as a performer, illustrator, print & web designer although mostly as a theatre producer in Edinburgh for several years now and has been involved in a large range of creative projects under all these guises. She improvises with ShamWagon, Whose Lunch is it Anyway? and the Improverts and on occasion can be seen doing stand up. She also draws cartoons.

Steve Greer
Online Media Manager

Steve is an Edinburgh-based researcher, producer and blog-designer. He has worked in a variety of press offices for the Fringe and International Festivals, as well as performing in a number of plays and comedy shows. He has been known to improvise, often because he has not been in rehearsal. He currently maintains The Penny Dreadful blog and contributes to a number of other online ventures. He is also supposed to be some kind of academic and is currently awaiting the outcome of his phd.

Neil Hobbs
Technical Director & Photographer

Neil is a lighting designer, a phonecam artist and an Unstoppable Behemoth Of Art. An experienced improviser and maker-up-of-stuff, the creative spirit courses through his veins pumped to the mighty beat of artistic integrity. After surviving the Millenium in Edinburgh, Neil discovered that theatre wasn't about to let him go and ran away to drama college: now he's ludicrously qualified and the world had better watch out. He's... seen things you people wouldn't believe, made his fair share of mistakes along the way and isn't prepared to take it anymore: if you want a designer who'll sweat blood to make your production move and shift and bend and twist with the purest possible essence of drama, he's your guy. Neil is an Associate Artist of Nutshell Theatre Company and Technical Director of Kandinsky and The Penny Dreadfuls and is waiting to take your call. Neil maintains as portfolio and design sandbox.

Ella Hickson
PR & Press Officer: Edinburgh Fringe 2006

Ella was the press & publicity officer for The Penny Dreadfuls leading up to the Edinburgh Fringe 2006 and co-produced the Fringe shows of Aeneas Faversham and ShamWagon with Idil. She has worked as a theatre producer in Edinburgh for years since she first presented a show at The Underbelly when she was 17 years old. Her specialities are publicity and Events Management and has recently thrown a series of parties at Edinburgh's famous Caves venue. She started her own arts-based company "The Art Seen" in 2005 which deals in visual art.

Olivia Gifford
Finance Administrator

Olivia is a third year Edinburgh Economics student who greatly enjoys the theatre and comedy events in the city, during term time and the festival. Olivia helps manage the accounts for the Penny Dreadfuls, involved almost purely because of a love for Excel and book-keeping but the job has allowed her to get involved with production on the aforementioned city-based events, which is enormous amounts of fun.

Michael Whitham
Production Assistant: Edinburgh Fringe 2006

Michael found the opportunities for a would be actor-director-producer-journalist-costumier-art historian woefully small in his suburban all-boys school, and so it was with vigour that he moved to cosmopolitan Edinburgh two years ago. With only $35 dollars in his pocket he jumped in a cab and said 'take me to centre of everything'. Disapointed with Princes Street, he relocated, and has since worked on all kinds of lovely theatre-magazine-writing-costume type projects, as well as specialising in the study of 19th century French flat art and indulging in all kinds of debauched sexploits to pad out his inevitable memoirs. Let no-one say he did not always plan thoroughly, he hopes his epitaph will read.

Pete Cameron
Production Assistant & Improviser with ShamWagon: Edinburgh Fringe 2006

Pete is an actor, comedian and film maker based in Edinburgh. A long-time improviser, starring in Improverts and ShamWagon, he is now performing stand up and is currently raising funds for his next movie.

BIO: Pete Cameron

Peter is a film-maker, actor and improviser working in Edinburgh. He performs stand up comedy in Edinburgh and has starred in The Improverts for the last three years and continues to perform with them. He improvised in Comic Book Story.

He regularly appears in dramatic productions in and out of the Fringe Festival, such as Glengarry Glen Ross, Arsenic & Old Lace and The Philadelphia and most notably in Enola at The Arches, Glasgow, 2005 (**** - Daily Mail).

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Bio: Idil Sukan

Idil is an improviser and comedian who has worked as a stand up in London and Edinburgh since 2004("Delightfully silly" - Chortle). She reached the final of the Chortle Student Stand Up of the Year in 2005.

She directs her own long-form improv show Comic Book Story. She produced The Improverts for three years and continues to star in it, as well as appearing with "Whose Lunch is it Anyway" at The Stand. She joined Jamie in London to work with The Spontaneity Shop.

She also draws cartoons & political caricatures.

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2nd-28th August, Pleasance Courtyard,
Edinburgh, 11pm every night except Monday 14th.
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ShamWagon sees Edinburgh’s finest young comics going back to basics, presenting a rollickingly good long-form improv show - no fuss, no fripperies – one stage, six players and good old fashioned talent.

With long-form style improv, there are no games and no gimmicks, they just take a suggestion from the audience and run with it.

Having performed their monthly three-part show at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh since January, ShamWagon is transferring to the Pleasance Courtyard this August with a new hour-long show. ShamWagon have also toured their resident show to the Glasgow Comedy Festival, the G66 Festival, Cambridge, St Andrews and have performed with the BBC Comedy Unit Rough Cuts nights.

The six ShamWagoneers; Jamie Anderson, Peter Cameron, Humphrey Ker, Dave Reed, Idil Sukan and Thom Tuck start with nothing but audience suggestions to present you with an hour of rather marvellous improvised delights.

Show Dates: 2nd - 28th August (not 14th), 11pm, The Pleasance Courtyard.
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