"The smoke seemed to thicken; and there, upon the stair, where once had been nothing, suddenly appeared a hunched figure..."

Well, it's been a splendid couple of days for the Victorian Proliferation Army. A couple of sellout shows at top london humour-hole The Pleasance, packed with all-new comedy gold. And some old stuff also. But mainly new gold. Lots of lovely people stuck around afterwards to say nice things to us, and more than some of them were beautiful and elegant. Excellent work Faver-fans! If you attended, you are now entitled to wear the Order of Aeneas (IVth class), at all future shows. If you didn't you are a wet and a rotter and simply not the right sort at all.
Next up for Team Dreadful is a trip up to the dreaming spires of Durham, home of the Prince Bishops, and also the DUCK comedy festival. It should be bo-shank-ular!

Setting A Good Example

This fine figure of a man is Alex Scoppie. Young Master Scoppie attended the Dreadful's show at the Leicester Comedy Festival on Saturday night. Apparently, he liked the show.

He liked it so much that he bought us all beer.

Do not let Alex's fine example of decent humanity and respect for your comedy heroes go to waste, Faver-Fans. When the Dreadful's are in your town, buy 'em a pint. When their cancelled sitcom turns up in the bargain bin at HMV, you'll have a fantastic tale with which to bewitch your friends!

(And don't go forgetting the hard-working production team, neither.)

Comedy Shuffle - And Photos Too!

Humphrey may have won the First Post prize after our extended break, but he forgot to mention the super-awesomeness that is The Airing Of The Sketch, in the February 15th episode of Comedy Shuffle on BBC Three.

But! Because the Beeb is a ultra-modern forward-thinking sort of place, you can watch it online right now in glorious streaming RealPlayer! (fast-forward to 8:50)

[The Beeb isn't that forward-thinking. The sketch has now been relegated to YouTube, which is - ironically - far easier to access than a rubbish RealPlayer stream. When will they learn, eh?]

If that wasn't enough, here's An Exciting Behind-The-Scenes Glimpseā„¢ at the magic of television and hanging around in studio cafeterias:

More and biggerer here

We're back, we're bad, none of us are black, but we're all mad*

After over a month of silence, at last the e-anuses at blogger have removed their collective cyberfingers and allowed us to return to the good old days of regular updates from the exciting world of the 1890s. If you've stuck with us through the winter of no-content, this one's for you.
Since we left you, the Mighty Dreadfuls, our spin-off ice hockey movie, has been cancelled
as Stan Collymore, who was to play our inspirational coach, had creative differences with David; and Thom turned out to be allergic to ice. We've also found our literary adventure, Aeneas Faversham and the Deathly Hallows stymied by events beyond our control; and because Thom turned out to be allergic to ink. In the meantime we've done a number of gigs, at the Canal Cafe theatre again, as well as guesting at other sketch nights around London.
Next up are gigs at the Leicester Comedy Festival, as well as two nights at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington, London, England.

It's a brand new year and it smells Dreadful.