it heats up.

dear the internet,

it's been a while. why don't you write back? i expect it's something to do with all this crunchy credit that's been going around. it seems to be the route cause of all our woes.

any other business?

a) the set is being built. i listen as i type to our delightful helper jez snore.
b) we tried on our costumes today! i get an eyepatch. so watch out for that.
c) we were totally on telly. and hump and i were discussing how much of a difference it makes being on BBC2 instead of three. when we had a whole four minutes to ourselves on the latter, noone gave a monkey's arse. now we eat dinner on 2 and the world and its handcart send me a text. crazinesses.
d) we've all been doing grumble work on the wrong door which is a sketch show to go out in the autumn... on three. it's done with loads of cgi, except in the scene where i am the human spider i can't spot any.


to bed.

yours e-nevitably,

thom tuck