"With tired minds, tired bodies and tired souls, they turned North, to Scotland."

Well here we are again. It's about a year ago to the day when the world first heard all things Faversham. On the anniversary of his birth, it is with very warm sensations of fuzzy excitement that we peer over the precipice of another Edinburgh Fringe festival. It's exciting for various reasons. We are returned to a city which did as much as anything to shape the nature of the show, being as it was simultaneously super-gothic-o, a splendid testing ground for young comedy-types, and our collective home for the last 5 years.(In Jamie's case the last 26) Faversham was dreamed up in the pubs, cinemas and comic book stores of the Old Town, and even if we had nothing to show for it, it would still be fantastic to be back. The air is different. The colours seem somehow richer. And there are definitely way more toothless people arguing with each other in the middle of the road.
Dave and I arrived from London on Thursday and were immediately thrust into a whirlwind of inactivity. I had cunningly secured for myself a dose of the flu/a cold, and so took to my bed with remarkable gusto. The others, somewhat bereft of leadership without my inspiring presence drifted aimlessly through the weekend. Thankfully by Monday I had displayed the traditional Ker vim and sprang from my death-ish bed to inject vitality and good-natured bonhomie into the project. So after rehearsing yesterday and today, we've reached a point of some satisfaction with the show and now merely look forward with a distinct lack of relish to our 0700hrs technical rehearse-fest tomorrow morning. Weak. Then we've only to go watch other shows, jealously dissect them, drink a lot of fizzy drinks, and pull out all the stops for a rip-roaring start to proceedings on Thursday. I've got a little inkling, it's going to be fun.

"They rushed to Donaldson's side as he slumped from the saddle, hissing with his last breath: "update..."

Casting my eye back over these illustrious pages, I see that it is some three months since I last posted about the continuing fun-tacular sweet-fest that is The Penny Dreadfuls. In that time we have continued to perform all over the shop, at the Canal Cafe, the ETC theatre, and most cool-ly of all at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk. Many new friends have been made, as well as a small select band of enemies. Those of you kind enough to attend the final preview on Sunday will be doubtless aware of the state the festival show is in. Current rating: Not too shabby. With a week to go before the festival we are quite excited by everything, and very much looking forward to pushing our pro-Victorian agenda on all new festival audiences.
Aside from the festival shows we are also forging ahead with Faver-fun(tm) content for other media, and hope to be able to talk about those in greater detail here at some later more appropriate date.
Anyway, we'd like to thank everyone who came to support us over the course of this year, and promise to only pretend to not know one in ten of you when we make it in Hollywood. Those to be ignored, will be decided by lottery, so don't be too upset if you get cut. So dear friends, roll on the festival where, come what may, we fully intend to get wildly laid.

The Bon Voyage Preview Show this Sunday

Gosh, well we now have completely sold out of our ticket allocation with Ticketweb. This does not mean we've sold out the show though, we're purposefully keeping tickets aside available on the door, so feel free to just rock up on the night (the earlier the better, doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm)

However it is safer to reserve tickets so email the number of reservations you'd like to previews@pennydreadfuls.co.uk or by calling 0798 4037 417 (between 10am and 11pm Saturday & last minute reservations between 3pm & 6pm on Sunday).

This exclusive Ticketweb ticket unfortunately only belongs to the lucky few:

Soho Revue Bar tickets available now on Ticketweb

The lovely people at Ticketweb have begun to sell our tickets for our highly anticipated collectors' edition preview night "Aeneas Faversham Returns: The Bon Voyage" at the Soho Revue Bar on Sunday 22nd of July, 9pm.

Only a limited number of tickets are available so please book early... Ticket Web Booking Page

Official Previews This Week

The first official previews for Aeneas Faversham Returns are this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9pm, at the Etcetera Theatre. Tickets are £6/£5, available now from www.ticketweb.co.uk or call 020 7482 0378. Do come along...