The Smoky Streets

Dear The Internet,

Seldom is it incumbent on me to scribble down my meandering thoughts on a little scrap of e-paper, place them in an interenvelope (which apparently, isn't a melon of any sort) and post them to you; today is a different matter. For today, we are in London. A fact that hasn't eluded many a popular organ.

This evening we will gently brush the farmyard animals off the chairs so that they may be utilised to accomodate the braying hordes one assumes will be attending our delightfully monikered Islington venue. In the distant mists of time, and before it acquired its modern day hankering for sun and sand, the Egyptian city of Boosh was contained within the walls of the pub. Delightful!

My regards to all.

Thom Tuck, esq.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your london shows - hope you have a great time! saw aeneas faversham for the first (and then second!) time at the fringe and was very impressed...more than that - thought it was perfect! Was the kind of performance that you don't want to end!
Have to admit your fringe reviews did worry me slightly... i fear everyone else is realising how good you guys are! Think once london sees you for itself it's not going to let you go!
Hoping you'll still come back to edinburgh occasionally!
Do you have any plans for more shamwagonning at the stand this year?

5:41 PM  
Blogger Loulabell said...

Hey you guys
Regretfully i will be unable to attend your show *sobs into hands*
I have a year two maths lesson to plan and too much marking to do to travel to London and back.
Hope you will do a Saturday evening show soon so us people that live just outside London find it easier to see you without having to travel back for work in the morning.
Hope last nigth went great and tonight just as well

6:41 PM  

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