A Quizzle? For Shizzle my Whizzle.

Dear The Internet,

An exciting news gobbet. We have finally settled upon our call signs for when we Four Favvers become Fighter Pilots (tm). But, to make it more fun, I won't tell you who is who:

a. kraken
b. upchuck
c. hate crime
d. the fantastic mr pilot

can you guess?

Tuck, T.D. esq

Penny Dreadfuls: San Andreas

Well frankly Favernaughts what a week it's been, and its not over yet. On Tuesday last we had the distinct honour of performing at the Byre in St Andrews for a crowd of quite simply splendid people. Some of whom had the good grace and courtesy to be not only entertained but attractive to boot, which makes all the difference in this post 9/11 world, as I'm sure you'll agree. With the successful d├ębut of a number of P.D. branded frivolous distractions our collective attentions now face southwards. London beckons for our final performances in, the year of our Lord, 2006 (MMVI for those following in the Latin text) and I just wish to take this opportunity to show my thanks to everyone and anyone who may have attended even a single unit of our numerous appearances or may even be casting off their mantle of Dreadful virginity with the arrival of the week's end. I thank you and I salute you.

Good cheer, God speed and a Merry Christmas everyone.

@-- - - - S:T:E:A:M - - - --@

Dear The Internet,

It has come to my attention that this is
chronically awesome, yo! It is imperative
that we obtain one. You and me together,
The Internet.

Yours Steam-Poweredly,

Tuck, T. D. esq.

"before his very eyes the hieroglyphics seemed to morph, and there upon th etemple wall was picked out the name Matt Berry...."

On Wednesday I had a smashing time. In the afternoon I went into Television Centre, home of the BBC, and recorded a number of screams foer our sketch and got to see an early cut of it. None of the effects shots are done, but it still looks pretty cool, and you can see me and everything. Playing around ina a dubbing theatre is awesome, because you are in a sound proof booth. Need I say more. Much hilarity ensued, as is natural with pretty much every activity I perform, no matter how menial. Then the inestimable Matt Berry appeared to do the voiceover at the start. He has just the greatest voice in all creation. I was childishly thrilled that he was reading out words what I had written and acted like a shy schoolgirl around him. Cool-o-matic!
I also managed to see some more people's stuff while I was there and both Peepolykus and Jo Neary's stuff looked great. Get ready for some mind-blowage!
We seem to be having some problems this morning, so please bear with us..

Rolling into Glasgow with Bob, Bono, Larry Mullen jr. and The Edge.

It's the morning after the night before, as the Penny Dreadfuls returned to where it all began, sort of. Back in March, early incarnations of Aeneas Faversham, Shamwagon, and lost classics Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Improvised Plot and Lost in Time, were debuted to a waiting world at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. Doing four shows a day, for 4 days, in the, genuinely, romantic setting of the Britannia Music Hall, we averaged an audience of about six people a show. Of these six about four tended to be old women.

Nine months on we returned doing an entirely different line-up of sketches, in an entirely different venue to an entirely different audience. Same city though, remember. We did twenty minutes at the Student Theatre at Glasgow Student Theatre festival, or Stag Night. It was thunderous good fun, seeing the debut of a couple of good new sketches, and the welcome revival of an old favourite. The people there were lovely, and the facilities fantastic, and we had the added joy of listening to the Test Match on the way back to Edinburgh in Jamie's car.

The peaceful elegance of England's excellent batting display was, however, somewhat undermined by the enthusiastic installment of the Penny Dreadfuls' new favourite car-based game, "Riding in cars with Bono". This is far and away the greatest in-car game since 20 questions.

This awesome pastime requires four players. The driver takes on the part of Bono, while the front seat passenger is Sir Bob Geldof, in the back are The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. The Edge and Larry Mullen then seek to win concessions from The Higher status players in the front, such as turning the heating up and down, changing the radio channel, that sort of thing. Bono and Bob, have to crush all will to live out of the players in the back. It's a hoot. For The players in the back to win they have to get the two in the front to confess to the murder of Adam Clayton. The players in the front have already won because they are Bono and Bob Geldof.

Last night's winning line: "Sure, You can f*ck (Name deleted for legal reasons), all you have to do is sign her shabby rack" -Bob Geldof