"The smoke seemed to thicken; and there, upon the stair, where once had been nothing, suddenly appeared a hunched figure..."

Well, it's been a splendid couple of days for the Victorian Proliferation Army. A couple of sellout shows at top london humour-hole The Pleasance, packed with all-new comedy gold. And some old stuff also. But mainly new gold. Lots of lovely people stuck around afterwards to say nice things to us, and more than some of them were beautiful and elegant. Excellent work Faver-fans! If you attended, you are now entitled to wear the Order of Aeneas (IVth class), at all future shows. If you didn't you are a wet and a rotter and simply not the right sort at all.
Next up for Team Dreadful is a trip up to the dreaming spires of Durham, home of the Prince Bishops, and also the DUCK comedy festival. It should be bo-shank-ular!


Anonymous Tara said...

You were so wonderfully humourous, inventive and downright lovely that I think I'll come and see you again at the Canal Cafe! Although I didn't stay behind at the Pleasance - I didn't know you would be mixing with the hoi polloi - don't think I was being rude. I'll definitely be buying you guys an absinthe, beer or whatever, next time...

5:49 PM  

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