We're back, we're bad, none of us are black, but we're all mad*

After over a month of silence, at last the e-anuses at blogger have removed their collective cyberfingers and allowed us to return to the good old days of regular updates from the exciting world of the 1890s. If you've stuck with us through the winter of no-content, this one's for you.
Since we left you, the Mighty Dreadfuls, our spin-off ice hockey movie, has been cancelled
as Stan Collymore, who was to play our inspirational coach, had creative differences with David; and Thom turned out to be allergic to ice. We've also found our literary adventure, Aeneas Faversham and the Deathly Hallows stymied by events beyond our control; and because Thom turned out to be allergic to ink. In the meantime we've done a number of gigs, at the Canal Cafe theatre again, as well as guesting at other sketch nights around London.
Next up are gigs at the Leicester Comedy Festival, as well as two nights at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington, London, England.

It's a brand new year and it smells Dreadful.



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