dear the internet,

we are preparing for our voyage up north to the scotland. should be great fun. i'm kipping at my friend evil's house and he promised a poker tournament one night. yes! two shows at our old home, the bedlam theatre, before we head across to glasgow to play at gilmore hill in the g12 theatre. coincidentally, both theatres are converted churches. come and genuflect!

we have restructured* the show after the battersea gigs, and have inserted a b narrative. this is because one of the main problems we had with the show was that it was a little too linear. hopefully, this will address that. we've also cut the girl. we love cutting girls.

that's all for now, until the interview we filmed with comedy demon is published and i point you all in its direction.

yours e-motionally,

thom tuck, esq

*as in 'not yet re-written'


Blogger Lauren said...

Saw your Tuesday Edinburgh show (getting a better deal than those Monday night suckers in the process; fools!) and absolutely adored it. I even managed to embarrass myself by doing a particularly loud laugh at a Doctor Who joke, which was met by a generally more respectable and subdued response from my corner of the audience, all of whom are clearly far cooler than I can ever hope to be. Woe. Not that any of that has much to do with the point of this comment, but, er - I thought you might like to know? Because, as I'm sure we're all well aware, no compliment is as artistically valuable as one from a stranger on the internet!

Anyway, the reason I'm typing words into this little box is actually because I wondered if you chaps'd be at Latitude this year? Should be fun and sunny and, you know. Outdoors. Fresh air. All that gubbins.

Yours e-somethingally (is this a theme? do i have to join in? the last commenter did, & now i feel quite under-pressure),


8:11 PM  
Blogger Neil said...


I'm not sure if I'm supposed to know this or if such facts are supersecrets, but there should be some form of Dreadfultivity at Latitude 2009. Fun in the sun, etc.

Also, it should please everyone to hear that I placed second in the aforementioned poker, admittedly seeing Thom off with a very lucky and brazen two pair.

3:50 PM  

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