Dear The Internet...

Once again it is far too long since the last post: three months or so I believe. Every time I do blog, I cross my little fingers that one of the boys will pick up the baton and BLAM! we will have a group blog. But it is not to be. So I shall have to take it upon myself to become the group's very own Crosby.

There are many things to report. First of all, we have all joined twitter. There has been much media-ing of twitter over the last month and a bit. Much of it is informed, much of it not. The not camp culminated in a stunning piece of ignorance from Humphrys on the Today programme, where he repeatedly asked someone whether they would be putting something on "the Facebook" or "the Twitter". Rock on, John. Twitter is, mainly, fun. Should you like to follow us, we are as follows: David, Humphrey, Moi, Neil, Idil and Steve.

Secondly, there have been bits and bobs of media for us over the last few weeks. We were interviewed by the lovely Jay Richardson for The List magazine to promote our gigs wot are coming up in Scotland. We were also delightfully mentioned in the Independent the other day. We were interviewed for London listings website Spoonfed just before our Battersea shows (of which, more later). Emma was a delightful interviewer and they have picked a brilliant photo. And I, of course, have been in the Catholic Post (the link is here, but it is annoyingly Flash(tm) so you need to go to page 21 to see me pouting. i don't think anyone can accuse them papists of being 2.0 friendly).

Thirdly and, i think, finally, as this is taking longer than i thought it would, the prospect of New Show (tm). We have actually got a full, hour-long show that we have shown to people and everything. Lovely, lovely people they were too. Three sold-out nights in the little room at the BAC have really helped the show on its way to being proper good and that. We know now that lots of the jokes work, that repeating "dried beef" is definitely funny, and that the plot must be ripped apart and constructed anew. Oh well. We've got two weeks before we head up to the Caledonian Hinterland. Contrary to popular belief (we've been asked this question A LOT) it is not about nazis. This may or may not have anything to do with little Ms Sukan's ever so slightly misleading publicity image for the Edinburgh shows. Hope that link works.

Right. That's that for now. I promise to post more often, as it's blatantly going to be only me.

Yours e-mmediately,

thom tuck, esq.


Anonymous Alison said...

You posted on my birthday, how sweet of you to remember (!!?!)

A new show - horray and fanfares, something to look forward to in 2009. I hope you all come and visit us in the Middle Lands, we are quite friendly and smell quite nice on the whole. Come visit us in fair Nottingham, our playhouse is delectable with its own "Sky Mirror", our Theatre is decidedly Royale as is our Concert Hall. plus we currently have something reminiscent of the London Eye but for legal reasons cannot be referred to as an Eye so is known as a Wheel. If in any doubt there is always Derby with its Assembly Room which has possibly the most garish, hallucination inducing foyer carpet in the known universe.

We would love to see you, please do come - much closer than Scotland and the North, less smoggy and expensive than the south.

(And no I don't work for any East Midlands based tourist boards).

E-gerly awaiting further information.


12:13 PM  
Blogger sanjay tuck said...

dear alison of the internet,

i believe we are tentatively planning some sort of tour after the fringe. and nottingham would almost certainly be on the itinerary; my girlfriend is from there and we have even been on the wheel - complete with the audio from jonno and whoever that other one was. derby could also happen. as could wolverhampton, as i have family there. just not leicester. NEVER leicester.

e-specially for you,

thom tuck, esq

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

I see your Leicester and raise you a Coventry! Best bit of Coventry - the road you use to cheese it out of town, that is if you don't get trapped on the eternal concrete ring road of perpetual doom.

Looking forward to post Fringe Notts/Derby excitement(come in October-March, check out our Ice Hockey action - its....fabulous, far better than football and quicker than even the quickest cricket. - shameless plug!!!).

E-xcitedly giddy,


11:06 AM  

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