there won't be snow in africa, because it is mainly tropical.

dear the internet,

we do seem to start all our 'little chats' with the apologies. i'm sorry that i haven't been there for you, what with all your troubles recently. but let's make like a sherpa and put all of that behind us. let us move forwards, purposefully and inexorably, into this my christmas letter.

थे फ्रिंज
i figure that ain't no classier subject heading than a hindi subject heading, right? 2008 has been a very nice year for das penny dreadfuls and there is no nicer time to be a moderately successful sketch comedy troupe* than august. like a terrible electrician, we've spent a few years on the circuit now. consequently, we actually have friends when we turn up at gigs or brookes bar. this is not necessarily a good thing. consider this. i mean, exactly.

the show we did was a step forward for us: attempting to weld our hyperkinetic style (read - mugging and voices) to a full length narrative like wot they do in die hard. what originally began as an interweaving triumvirate of stories was curtailed into one sort-of-story when we realised it would have been ninety minutes long with the original plan. and so, aeneas faversham forever was born in march this year in the bedlam theatre before popping over to glasgow. the show developed all the way up till august (the fringe draft was draft 9, i think) and beyond (we're on draft 11.2 now). it were well good and that.

थे फुतुरे
we've had a cracking year on the radio also, being transferred to radio four and in the christmas radio times and all. in fact, episode three is on tomorrow night. that's right, christmas bloody day. it's the story of marcus faversham, victorian britain's greatest actor. although it's a testament to david's performace as the best friend that everyone at light intertainment ( aren't comedy apparently**) seems to call it the alan bennett episode. tune in and see why.

after this, we're to wait to hear on a number of things as to where our next project will take us. live-wise we have kinda decided what we're doing for 2009, but i think we'll keep it under wraps for now.

अल्बुम्स ऑफ़ थे इयर
everyone else does it, so why can't i? i have four albums to recommend. boxer by the national. alas, i cannot swim by laura marling. one and counting by the wrong trousers. any other city by life without buildings. that's your last minute shopping sorted. you are welcome.

yours e-nexorably,

thom tuck, esq

*this status has been rescinded.
**this status has been rescinded.


Anonymous Verity said...

Good tidings at this festive season.
I hope the new year brings you all the new projects you desire, but I do request that you bring your talents to the West Country in the near future. I have some acquaintances that I wish to introduce to your comedy stylings...before your fame precedes you.

12:28 AM  

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