Dear The Internet,

I am very disappointed in your commenting ability. Steve and I have provided you ample opportunity to put your tuppence worth in the mix and only people named Chris have been up to the challenge. Let's have a chat.

Have you seen any shows? I've seen a fair few. I think I've probably done more though, if you count Spank! and the Pleasance Press launch (Berkoff's back and he's gonna be in trouble, Hey now hey now, Berkoff's crap). What's the bestest thing you've seen?

Yours E-nnately,

thom tuck, esq


Blogger son of the old guard said...

glenn wool made me leave a little trail of urine under my seat in white belly.

yrs, psychotic bunny esq. (henchman of the month, hiding behind a little black screen)

10:15 AM  
Anonymous GoitR said...

I saw Simon Brodkin. He was very sh*tty. He left a little trail of faeces all over the stage at the Pleasance upstairs.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

Dear The Penny Dreadfuls,

The best thing I saw - well that was you of course me dears! To be far you were the only thing I saw as my visit was touristically focused and a lot of time was spend getting lost in the maze that is Edinburgh, but that was no disappointment. First visit to the fringe, to Edinburgh, to Scotland. Would like to return next year, maybe to see a few more things!

If you only see one show at the fringe it should be yours.



12:02 PM  
Blogger DARKCHAT said...

Hi there.

For the second year running a group of friends travelled to Edinburgh to a variety of differing shows. This year we totalled 48 between us. For yet another good a review of "Aeneas Faversham Forever" please follow the attached link to the review section - yours is on Sunday.

Hope you enjoy it and many thanks for a great show.

David/Anne/Rick & Phil.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Sharon said...

Apart from your good selves (you are of course my favourites), shows that stick in my mind from my week at the fest are: Pluck The Titanic Show, Michael McIntyre, Richard Herring, Pappys Fun Club, Idiots of Ants, The Pyjama Men & Tim Fitzhigham (who I had never heard of but now adore). One of the most fun nights was Sketchatron on Thursday 21st Aug. Everyone looked liked they were having a brilliant time and the audience were totally up for anything. Great atmosphere! And it was fun to see the old sketches again too. I've missed them!

The most bizarre show I saw was a production of Dracula performed on a bouncy castle. I felt like someone had spiked my drink.

ps. I heard what you did at the awards. So naughty :-D

9:48 PM  

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