"As the moonlight fell upon the faded tapestry, there was a searing blaze of silver light, and spelt out upon the wall was the word Leicester..."

So, after swearing last year we'd never return to Leicester after performing in a small brown nightclub to eight people, we decided to get back on the horse and attempt to show the people of the finest historic junction town what they had been missing. Against almost all the odds, such as the almost total indifference of the people of Leicester to the fact that there is a comedy festival going on in their city, we had a nice crowd of 50 people turn out in the Sparkenhoe Arts Theatre, which is one of those fantastic small arts centres dotted around the country which don't get used as much as they probably should be.
Not quite ready to debut our 2008 Fringe show, we did a mixture of our previous two years' stuff and a couple of new ones especially for our loyal fanbase. The show was fine, but suffered a little from a certain degree of rustiness on our part, and the fact that most of the lights were pointed at the audience, rather than the stage. The next night we went and did a 10 minute slot at the 'Comedy Heaven' charity night at the Phoenix art centre, compered by the esteemed Arthur Smith. We rattled out 4 sketches, and after some initial confusion, the audience being unaware that we were either a sketch show, or Victorian themed, we went down pretty well, with the 'Duel' once again proving it's worth as an applause generator.
As is traditional, with these trips, however, the greater part of the fun was derived from the car journey on the way home, where we listened to really crap pirate radio and laughed at its super rubbishness. Ha ha ha, rubbish!


Anonymous Sharon said...

Loved the new sketches. We the loyal fanbase were chuffed to absolute bits that you did them specially for us! Warm fuzzy feelings all round. Though that could have been the awful white wine I had from the Sparkenhoe bar.

Fact: Leicester audiences are partially dead.

10:43 PM  

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