Episode Two : Theseus

Dear The Internet,

So, there you have it. The greatest detective the Victorian World ever knew. Had to wait till we got back from our gig, and first ever standing ovation, in Dublin to listenagain and Alex Riley (t'announcer bloke) was hugely complimentary. So that was nice. Once again a couple edits made me go ouch; it really was a pity to lose the seven deadly sins joke.

Fact fans: the name used by the B of G when he is incorrectly informed by Mulgoon comes from these giants of musical comedy, and this song in particular. Rocking. *** EDIT *** I've just watched the video and, although remarkably good, they've changed the name from Chiniqua to Hanifa from when we saw it live. Oh well. *** END OF EDIT *** *** NEW EDIT *** Ok. I've just found, within this interview with them, the original version of the lyrics. So. Thar. She. Blows. ***END OF NEW EDIT ***

And, excitingly, the two episodes that follow I actually get to do more than be functionally bland. Watch out wireless world.

In other news... Heath Ledger is dead. He was very good. Even in A Knight's Tale and The Patriot. Tremendously sad.

Yours in memoriam,

t tuck, esq


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