Episode Three : Leonidas

Dear The Internet,

So there you have it. Eustace Carmichael's own Leonidas Faversham. Just listenagained with my flatmate CJ. Good fun. Also in the good fun stakes was last night's Sketchatron: Hyperdrive or whatever it was called. Us and the Idiots in the first half and then the Sunday Defensive and Pappy's after the break. Although some in the audience may have thought it was an hilarious ploy, the boys were in fact without Ben who was filming an advert and had locked all their props in his car. So they busked it, and it was brilliant. Very irritated I didn't buy a ticket to the meat raffle. A Minnesotan tradition indeed.

In other news... um... not much really. The Woman's Hour serial I'm in is on the week starting the 18th of February. It's during Woman's Hour (shock!) and then repeated at 19:45. Five instalments of FAUST, baby!


t tuck, esq


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