Episode One: Horatius

Dear The Internet,

So. That's the first one then. Major ahthankyou to all who tuned in to listen to the exploits of Horatius Faversham. It was very exciting to actually listen to it live (we've had the edits since before Chrimble). And your feller who hosts was the Comedy Club was very nice. Special thanks also to whomsoever at the Beeb who stuck us on the Radio homepage. Tres unexpected.

Couple thoughts... There were at least three jokes in there that made me laugh, and I've heard them thousands of times. So that's got to be a good thing. Only one edit made me go ooo-er. And it was a shame to lose Lobardie the Saucier (played by the inestimable Juppers) who makes the Legionnaires a custard and then is killed cos all he has is a whisk.

And finally, hoot hoot we have a second series. Bonza.

Yours E-mmediately,

t tuck, esq


Anonymous Sharon said...

In my humble opinion this is the funniest, most quotable radio show since "On The Town" by The League of Gentlemen.

I'm now wondering which edit made you go ooo-er?

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Tara said...

Did they edit out the alcoholic Nanny O'Brien? I'm sure there was more of her in the studio. Or am I going mad? You know we'd be happy if you listed all the edits. We're anal like that. :-D

10:02 PM  

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