The Centenary of Harry Bensley's Trip**

Dear The Internet,

It has been an unacceptable amount of time since I, or others in Team Dreadful, have related to you, the world wide wonderbots, the momentous events in Faversham family life. Two months indeed have passed since we last put pen to keyboard and opened up.

First of all, may we wish you a happy new year? Do let us know as soon as possible, as we would fervently like to do so before it becomes a pointless endeavour. Secondly, we assume that you have had a wonderful Chrimblemas. That seems to be the most obvious reason for your lack of contact: being all fat from eating eight geeses or something.

In terms of stuff, the PD's will all be appearing in a BBC3 sketch show that is currently titled The Wrong Door. I am playing Wagner in a Radio4 woman's hour serial. Dave will playing Peter Cook (yes, I know) opposite David Walliams in a BBC4 Frankie Howerd* biopic. Humphrey has been asked to play the central character in CBeebies epic The Magical Wishing Tree. He has declined.

And we appeared, together, in Victorian Supersize Me, presented by Giles Coren and the lovely Sue Perkins. We were the parlour entertainment, and guests for the ludicrous dinner. Most importantly, Sue kissed me twice. There was a pie that was bigger than my torso, rabbit curry and lots of boozums to consume before we shot off to do a gig at the Pleasance Islington, which is becoming a regular haunt nowadays. Totally come and see the Sketchatron: The Resurrection or whatever it's called. It'll be proper good.

I have spent the winter solstice and the days before three kings playing lego and scanning photos of myself from when I had a ponytail and lived in the tropics. I could've seen that one coming. Sheesh.

Yours E-mmediately,

Thom Tuck, esq.

* Interestingly, the first bit of press David & I ever got together was for The Fellowship of the Panto in the Edinburgh Evening News that said "utterly stupid, utterly brilliant... part Spike Milligan, part Frankie Howerd". We used that quote for our first Fringe as the Dreadfuls, twice: David Reed "part Spike Milligan... utterly brilliant" & Thom Tuck "part Frankie Howerd... utterly stupid".

** On the first of January, 1908, Harry Bensley set off on his trip around the world, pushing a pram, wearing a mask that weighed two kilos and selling postcards of himself. For a bet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bensley never did it... there is much detail on him here:

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Nathaniel said...

I am moved to comment on this fable. Several amazing articles have appeared at revealing the depth of this man's fraud.

It also goes on to reveal that he never did the walk around the world at all.. I'm awaiting more as it's still a facinating story. Even more so by these almost daily revelations. Hats off to TheBigRetort for real journalism.

10:35 AM  

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