"Shrieking like banshees, they dived upon the cake and gorged themselves, allowing us to slip from the cell unnoticed..."

Gee Whillikers! What a day it has been. Greeted with an Edinburgh at it's most wet and grim, the executive decision was taken to dodge flyering and go see some shows. This proved to be a capital decision as we went to see some smash-o comedy and also managed to sell out as well. Jamie and I went to see a fun surrealist play at the Baby Belly*, a brilliant one woman show** and a smashing post-sketch show***, all of which were wildly enjoyable. We then did the show to a sellout capacity crowd who were very lovely and just as noisy as our first show, which was awfully decent of them. Pausing only to cram food into our faces, we zoomed across town to the fringe launch party, where we played the cabaret stage. This was a trifle grim, as the audience was more interested in sheltering from the rain than listening to us. We clearly entertained the people who were near and listening to us, but people nearer the door were very unmoved by our carefully pruned pathos. Still. Their loss. Douchebags. We then sped across Edinburgh to the Bongo Club where we appeared at their resident cabaret show The Vaudeville Cabaret Show, which is always fun. So, now tired and weary, we have returned to our respective homes. I can't speak for the others but I'm sure they are as pleased as I am to discover that the Mets-Cubs game is on five. Sweet. What a killer day.

*Thomas Pape, 1.20pm, Baby Belly 2
**Bridget Christie, 3.30, Baby Belly 3
***Pappy's Fun Club, 4.30, C SoCo.


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Hi, saw aeneas faversham for the first time the other day - definitely one of the best things i have seen at the fringe in a long time! Had been given one of your cards on the royal mile...after seeing your show i think i should have got you to sign it or something since i'm reckoning you are gonna be pretty famous some day soon and then i could auction it off on ebay and make a few pennies. Anyway, welldone on a great show and is humphrey single because he is disarmingly handsome!?!

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