Live-blogging Sketchatron..

Oh yes!

12.45: Ginger and Black are on-stage, playing a lovely song about failing to get work in television production which means that the first Sketchatron is up and running.

"Don't laugh, it ended in tragedy. He doesn't like to talk about it so I've written a film script instead."

12.52: Military accountancy school; the cruel parental microwaving of a leotard.

Tommy and The Weeks.

12.56: A very clever optical illusion using two ordinary household faces.

12.58: Ed is very cutting. "Maybe, just maybe, this guy is Spanish."

13.01: The truth-fawn Shibboleth. "It is 1566. Newton has theory-block.."

13.04: "And he plays in an 'Eagles' covers band called 'The Eagles.'"

And they're off - replaced by the Durham Revue who immediately invite a member of the audience on a Quest, A Quest For Treasure.

13.06: Stella from the audience is facing a series of difficult tasks, involving truth and lies. She is successful. Suspiciously successful.

13.07: Stella vanquishes some more fiends, via Hungry Hungry Hippos.

The Penny Dreadfuls - hey, that's us.

13.12: A Transylvannian inn. "Where there is hat-box.. there is hat."

13.13: The Duel - a favourite from last year's show. *ting* *ting*

And now finally Stuckey and Murray, our favourite New Yorkers, singing about man-love.

13.18: "It started with a glass of Zinfandel and my fingers started to tingle.."

13.22: "Some people call us chauvinists, or misogynists. We call those people bitches."

13.26: "I like chocolates, roses and my vagina."

It's all over. And Neil does really sound a like a robot. Same again tomorrow?


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