Holy Things!

Dear The Internet,

First things first, and congratuma-fucking-lations to the totally made of awesome Pappy's Fun Club, who were nominated for the main comedy award this year! We were convinced they were going to win the spirit one so we could be on there (as it is decreed that only one sketch show a year is deemed OK enough to be patronised with a nomination for an award they will not win). They are genuinely fucking great.

Second things second, thank you to everyone who has come over the last three weeks. It's been emotional hasn't it? Last night we went (apart from Humphrey [why is an ice cream more expensove when Humphrey's there? COS HE'S A FLAKE] ) to a proper bigwig party and that. It was good fun and I proper fell down a hill and got a shirt out of it. Mike, if you're reading... bless your cotton heart.

Lots of love,

Thom Tuck, esq.

PS, Leeds are going to fuck Forest up. Fuck them up in half.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Gentleman,

I saw your show, "Aeneas Faversham Returns", at the 2007 Fringe Festival. It was completely fab! (but then, you know that already :o) ). I would like to invited you to COME TO NEW ZEALAND!

Of particular interest to you four lovely gentleman would be the "Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations" which happen mid-November every year.


I realise that New Zealand is a long way for you to come for just one weekened but you'd be VERY well received and I'm sure you could make it part of an extensive tour.

Kind regards,

Your biggest NZ fan :o)

P.S. Jamie - I love you!

9:22 PM  

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