Fez Times at Underbelly High

We've set up a tiny roaming office in the booths of the Underbelly: I'm guarding a host of cameras and laptops while the rest of the guys are upstairs performing a guest slot in Lunchbox Live.

Having been asked about old favourite sketches from last year's show, it's worth pointing out that Aeneas Faversham Returns is 100% New Victorian Goodness. This is proven in part by the arrival of the fez, modelled ably by Thom during an exclusive, reveal-all photo shoot for Pipes and Things to Invade Magazine.

If you're out and about in Edinburgh this evening, you'll also want to know that - on top of our regular 6.10 show - we're onstage for Spank! at midnight. You see? There's absolutely no excuse for not seeing us in action.


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