Act One

It's the first day of previews and we're mere hours away from the first official performance of Aeneas Faversham Returns. Yes, soon the world will be a very different place. A funnier, more Victorian place, with additional elephants.

During yesterday's get-in Neil (pictured below with a light for a head) revealed some of the secrets of his profession - namely the difference between ordinary and "sinister" lighting. The sinister lighting involves red: he would have revealed more, but as an outsider such knowledge would have marked me out for death. At least, that's what he claimed.

This year's publicity material - a new edition of our ultra-collectable playing cards - are now out and about in the city. Full decks will be on-sale in the Underbelly Cowgate and at the Bedlam Theatre over the next few weeks; I'll be posting pictures of some choice cards from the deck in a few days time.

Finally, as Humble Producer, I should mention that our previews only run for the next few days, during which tickets are available at the "ZOMG I can't believe it" price of £5. After that, the tickets are merely Extremely Reasonable in price, so you'd better get yourself down to the Underbelly as soon as possible. Go now! Run! We'll be waiting for you.

We're the ones with sinister lighting.


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