The Durham Trip, Or To The Frozen North: An Aeneas Faversham Book For Boys (and Robust Girls)

Well, what a super-whizzo weekend. Team Dreadful, minus Idil, went along to the DUCK student comedy fest at the invitation of local humouristes and friends of the show The Durham Revue, to join them on a top bill featuring other noted comedy-types and future stars of stage and screen the Cambridge Footlights as well as triple-threat mega-combo House of Windsor. The whole night was topped off to perfection by the MC skills of Nick Mohamed.
In short an ace-i-o time was had by all, with all parties giving a good account of themselves. We did a mixture of old and new, reviving the "golden oldie" Train Station, and remembering why we found it so funny all those many moons ago. After the show, Jamie, Thom, and Admiral Cheekyboots(Neil) caught the last train back to Edinburgh, missing out on a night of wild excess, the like of which hasn't been seen since the autumn years of the Roman Empire. David and I joined the Durham Revue in hitting the nightspots of Durham like a heavy-calibre artillery shell and left a veritable sea of broken hearts and minds behind us, 'cause we're like that.
Next up, Edinburgh and Glasgow, get set you mothers!


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