aeneas faversham christmas spectacular

Eagle-eyed vistors will have noticed the string of new show dates appearing in the side-bar. However, if you do indeed have the eyes of an eagle you may be about to sweep down on a vole from high atop a thermal current. So - in brief - more Faversham!

We are proud to announce the feverishly festive Aeneas Faversham Christmas Spectacular on SATURDAY 16th and SUNDAY 17th December at The Canal Cafe. The nearest tube station is Warwick Avenue (on the Bakerloo Line) and the nearest blimp stand is Hyde Park.

Tickets cost a tremendously reasonable £5 (£4 concessions) plus £1 Canal Cafe membership fee. You can book tickets in person at the venue from 2pm every day or by emailing with your name, the show name and number of tickets. They even have one of those new fangled electric telephones: 020 7289 6054.

We do hope to see you. Why not take a quill and put a note in your diary now? Or, better still, get one of the footmen to do it?


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