Eagle-eyed and under-employed Faver-fans and Dreadfuls-dorks (I'm working on that second one) will have noticed that there has been little in the way of updatage since our last show. Tuesday night at the Canal Cafe was super ace-i-o. Many thanks to all the lovely people who came and saw a mixture of old and new material, in an appropriately Victorian setting. We managed to put on six new sketches with varying degrees of success ranging from fine to excellent. We'll take that. Fun was had by all, including, fortunately, the audience.

In other news, David and I auditioned for an advert, and didn't get it. Damn you elusive big time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the advert for?!?
any chance of you guys being on tv for the children in need night?!

8:07 PM  
Blogger Humphrey said...

We're contractually gagged I'm afraid. As far as Childers in need, I don't think it's televised.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Loulabell said...

Hi guys.
I came to see the canal cafe gig and the children in need thingy!
Both where fantastic, thanks for the fantastic entertainment! Best act at the C.I.N if you ask me, no one else was as funny or as naked!
Lou xx

9:36 PM  

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