Word of our glorious flyers has reached edfringe.com in a feature on fringe bribery.. uh.. publicity:
Their director, Idil Sukan, is also a designer and, as all designers, wasn’t content to do things the way everybody else was doing them.
So rather than producing normal flyers, she designed two sets of playing cards that contained all the show information on one side and is a normal playable deck of cards on the other.

They were even nice enough to use a picture of the mighty Ace of Spades to head the feature. Hurrah!


Blogger Neil said...

Well, we did give Fringe Director Paul Gudgin a full pack of each on Fringe Sunday.

He's a nice chap.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

{not a vampyre} A group of us bought tickets for your show on the 15th after a Flyer FREQ was handing out the card on the upper entrance of the underbelly. We can’t stop reciting the lines of quick witted dialogue from your sketch show it was really something I wish I had time to see again just one point though COFFEE IS TEAS BITCH!!!!

12:01 AM  

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