t is for tannoy

The Underbelly tannoy is a powerful device: there can be few people who didn't know our show was about to start, which is a good thing. However, it's so powerful that we could also hear it quite clearly halfway through our show, which was not quite so pleasing and led to an unexpected not-quite-Brechtian pause.

While we know it's not part of any of the sketches, some audience members seemed unsure. Unsure until they lost their sense of hearing, that is, and had to depend on the finely funny faces of the cast for entertainment: it's not the first time the cast have been thankful for that particular gift of nature.

So, until the tannoy is adjusted by 20 or 30 decibels by our superlative venue crew (hint hint) here's a quick guide:

Aeneas Faversham: Finely wrought comic Victoriana delivered by four smart gents.

Underbelly tannoy: Distorted demons announcing a five minute call for the end of all human existence.

Please enjoy the show and remember - minor teething problems build character.


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