Snakes in a Stomach

More sell-out fun last night with ShamWagon. I arrived at the Pleasance at around 10pm, to find the delightful Blind Mirth gang (who are all in The Tempest) swallowing up the final five tickets. There were only four of us on stage last night, but it was somehow quite the little kicker of a show; we planned to do three monologues followed by scenes, but the scenes went so well, we only did two monologues. The whole show built to a moving emotional climax of a suicidal father - it was too late for him as but five minutes ago, Humphrey had used a hypodermic to pump his own stomach with a snake.

It was a very fun show. Steve berated us afterward a little, reminding us that "long-form" does not mean "long-scene" (some scenes had been monstrous epics of Italian magicians, Igloo salesmen and QVC presenters), but Steve overall thought it was a lovely show. Good. Steve is usually an excellent barometer of such things. Steve is generally an excellent barometer for all things, such as political theatre, improvisational theatre and the weather.


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