Self Praising Hour

We've only had one printable review so far, the delightful review from The Stage, which doesn't have that many concise pull-out quotes, but works brilliantly as a whole to describe and praise the show.

However, stapling the entire review to our dinky little playing card flyers is somewhat unwieldy. Indeed stapling any review to them is a somewhat upsetting prospect. Surely you'd be very disappointed with a stapled-up playing card. So for now we're continuing with naked flyers, however, we're now competing with other shows handing out their own publicity materials weighted down with a smattering of staples (holding down reviews of course, they haven't just disfigured their flyers with small iron piercings).

Anyway, so in competition with that, we are at least realising that positive word of mouth about the shows is rife. When flyering on the Royal Mile people are gratefully accepting our playing cards and we're often recognised. David was accosted by a gaggle of fans who quoted lines from Aeneas back at him the other day. Others have remarked in superlative terms about my impressive impersonation of a mountain goat that I did the other day during ShamWagon. It's kind of fun really.

Once a couple more reviews get published, I may have to swallow my card-pride and start defacing the playing cards. I'll weep though. I'll do it, but I'll weep.


Blogger thom said...

hast thou heard of the oriental art of origami? look into it matey.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Why not use stickers? Surely some of it must be pull-quoteable?

10:06 PM  

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