Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday was very flash. David arrived from performing short-form improv at The Stand Comedy Club at lunch time, to then join the other gentlemen in a high street "performance" on a Royal Mile stage. We have several more of these booked, we're going to start engaging more and more people in Blackjack on these little stages.

Aeneas Faversham then kicked off to its biggest audience yet (around 60), and was by far the best performance the boys have done so far in the Underbelly.

Pop from that over to the Fringe Launch Party at Cargo, where ShamWagon followed Four Poofs and a Piano on the cabaret stage. That was pretty awesome. Turns out that gay oft-televised (the Poofs are Jonathan Ross residents) four part harmonies can be followed up very successfully. Highlights of ShamWagon include (from the audience suggestion "spandex") the ongoing feud of Captain Flexo and Doctor Bastard.

Five minutes of Fringe Party Schmoozing later we returned to the Pleasance Courtyard where we met our good friends Andy P and some people from St Andrew's improv troupe Blind Mirth, who all came to see ShamWagon. The house was not quite sold out but still pretty full, and it was a really rather decent show. Best yet in the Pleasance? Close call between this show and Saturday night's performance. However last night might just win. It did include Liverpudlians stuck down a well. With Alan Shearer.

We went down Holyrood Road to the Bongo Club for the Vaudeville/Bongo launch party. It was all very decorous and beautiful, with hundreds of audience members, outrageously dressed in burlesque and Victorian garb, but quietly attentively sat in front of the stage downstairs to watch circus and cabaret acts. The boys, appropriately tailcoated and cravatted, performed Station Master and The Duel to much rapturous applause. It was rather super.

Urgm... we don't have four performances today. We're going to flier.


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