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More pictures have trickled into our photo pool over at flickr:

still venue (without life)

We're also three shows into our run of ShamWagon and starting to hit our stride, even though it's improvised comedy and each show is a fresh start: a fresh drop off a high building with only one word suggestions for comfort.

That claim - know to improv fans as the Universal Declaration of Not Our Fault - is the good and bad news of disposable theatre. Our less-than-glittering shows disappear without trace, but so do the ones which (if repeated) would change the course of all human culture and lead to a new glorious age of comic enlightenment.

Our first shows in the Pleasance Below have modest but well-formed audiences of thirty-something: they laughed, they cried, they questioned our moral fibre and - most importantly - they didn't ask for their money back. If that isn't some measure of success, we're not sure what is.

Week 1 rule: Flier. Must flier more than ever before.


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