ninjas, pirates, oh my

Our publicity material (lit. Most Beautiful Fliers Ever) has caught the eye of Simon Neville, the Evening News' resident blogger for the duration of the Fringe:

So far my personal favourite has been Shamwagon's who have made a whole deck of cards with the show on the packet and back of each card, and with each suit representing different aspects of improvisation.

Those suits are - of course - ninjas, pirates, outer space and the wild west. Strictly speaking, only a tiny percentage of the show has revolved around these elements to date, but they are the pole stars to our ship of fools.

Simon's own show is Murder at the Savoy, which opens on the 9th at St. Augustines.

If you've yet to see ShamWagon, you are forgiven but should make it your noble duty to visit us at 11pm in the Pleasance Courtyard.


Blogger Idil said...

More exciting card-love (and humphrey-love) from a lovely fan in the edfringe website.

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