Ladies and Gentlemen! Our first ShamWagon review! It's from a man called Paul Foxcroft at ITV, who is also the organiser of the huge improv night at C Venues and involved in the legendary Shakespeare for Breakfast. He's very taken with the playing card flyers and has been showing them everyone he meets. Phenomenal. His Festival reviews are here, where he has been fantastically complimentary about our performances in ShamWagon as well as the flyers.
Mr. Ker appears with another comedy company called the Penny Dreadfuls who present a relentless (in a good way) hour of superb improvised comedy in the form of Shamwagon at the Pleasance Below, 11pm nightly (not 14th).

Ker and his compatriots possess a seemingly inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm alongside some very sharp, very funny minds. The show takes a but two words from the audience and squeezes a jam-packed fifty-five minutes of comedy into the world and the world is better for it.

Individual praise is totally counterproductive thanks to the sheer quality of the performers. Plus they have what must be the best flyers and publicity materials at the Fringe this year, a deck of playing cards with show details on the reverse, I'm now trying to collect a full set. Go see them if you get a chance.

Humphrey, Jamie and myself have also been moonlighting with The Improverts, the short-form improv comedy show where we all learnt the improv trade. Paul came along to one the shows Humph and I were starring in and also mentions this show in his diary, scroll through.


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