The Great Improv Gambit

Wednesday last saw Humph and myself take part in The Great Improv Gambit at C Central, with H onstage and me squeezed into Tiny Tech Corner. It was an absolute baboon of an evening, with an oh-so-shouty audience and two teams of hyper/drunk expert improvisers from all over the Fringe.

A good time was had by all, in a roundabout way, and apparently it will be on again next Wednesday and the Wednesday after that. Just so you know.


Blogger mtzion said...

I heard it was pretty rubbish...a little bird told me.

The C venues are not nice people in my opinion. This opinion was admittedly formed by an incident involving only one of their shows fliering in the bookshop I work in, but still. They came in, asked if they could put a wee stack of fliers on a table, were told they could, and then proceeded to litter the shelves and displays with fliers including sticking them between almost every book in the Ancient History section! I ask you...

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