The Collectors

These people are terrifying. We have inadvertently created a challenge for them. They refuse to buy whole packs of cards (which we're selling at £3...), instead come and stalk us down to find more cards. They have, of course, 55 cards to collect (if they're aware of the rare Appendix card with the production details on it). People do follow me round on the Royal Mile, sometimes looming ominously close by, others circle like buzzards - why? In case I die? Of a sudden hernia? Scattering all the cards on the Royal Mile cobbles, for them to sweep in and gobble them up? I would like to think, that the cards are so superawesome that if I were to collapse dying, those around me would first hastily collect up what cards they can, and then phone an ambulance.

People do come up to me asking for particular cards (e.g. "a Queen of Clubs, so then I've got all the Queens"), then waxing lyrical about their prized collection of cards, while I fume quietly at the fact they're not paying their £3.

The best collector however, isn't even in Edinburgh. A young gentleman in Hungary apparently has a wonderful thick scrap book full of Joker Cards through the ages, some around 50 years old. His friends happened to be lounging in the Pleasance Courtyard and were really taken with the ShamWagon cards that they asked for a Joker and then told me about their Hungarian friend. I also cracked out an Aeneas Joker (David's spankingly lovely face - with a silly hat) which they marvelled at, noticing the cross hatching. Goodness. I really get excited when someone appreciates the cross hatching. I hope they get pasted into Hungary Boy's collection.

People want our flyers. They keep them in their wallets and want 55 of them. That's pretty ridiculous. Also it's pretty cool.


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