More praise for The Penny Dreadfuls and the playing cards from Three Weeks, as found in the eDaily edition.
"A wee while ago, I received a package from them, and I forgot to tell you about it, and not because it was not filled with great things. You all must surely now what a sucker I am for a great promotional gift? Well, this is a great promotional gift, from the Penny Dreadfuls, two sets of playing cards, one for each of their two shows, Aeneas Faversham (a Victorian sketch comedy show at The Underbelly, 6pm) and ShamWagon (their long form improvised show, Pleasance Courtyard, 11pm). I'm told by one member of the Penny Dreadfuls that I should be playing canasta with them. I have told him I should be so lucky, before September. Anyway, They're bloody good, so you should go see their shows... they were on the radio show today, and were rather lovely and very entertaining."


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