Cabaret Tenting

Thom, Jamie and myself performed ShamWagon in the Cabaret Tent smack in the middle of the Meadows for Fringe Sunday today. Noted London dreamy slam-poet Luke Wright hosted, bringing us on immediately after gold-panted quasi-acrobat cabaret performers, with wigs and erections. The middle-aged, sport-jacketted bemused public didn't get it. We did. It was joyous. Gold-pant joyous. We've now followed Four Poofs and a Piano and Two Poofs in gold pants. In retrospect, they may not be Poofs. I should stop being so prejudiced about gold pants.

We saw Jimeoin. We told him about Dave, showed him the picture of Dave with Jimeoin's eyes. Then we showed him a picture of Dave. He agreed that Dave looked like him, had the same eyes. Then he walked off. It was a bit weird. Remember that none of us actually know Jimeoin. God. What have we done?


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