Boring Tech Notes

Follow me down the rabbit hole into the exciting and sexy world of technical theatre! Or not.

1) Eagle-eyed audiences who've been exposed to Aeneas Faversham over the last week may have noticed the light flickering slightly. This is not, as one wag commented, my attempt to replicate gaslight, but a dodgy parcan [not a dangerous dodgy parcan, I should add - just a flickery one]. Yesterday I replaced said parcan with a different one - a longnose, not a shortnose, so there's a slight difference between the two sides.

It still flickered.

This indicates that something else is acting-up, probably either the grelco or the cabling running to that position. Again, I should stress that these are not dangerous, just extremely annoying to me. It will be fixed!

2) It may surprise you to know that, so far, I've been running the Faversham lighting entirely manually, despite the swanky console we've got in the Belly Dancer. This is partly 'cos I didn't have time to program the show during our tech-time, but it's also been easier to run things on the fly up to this point. Now that everything's pretty much in place I've plotted all the necessary cues and timings into the Fat Frog, and yesterday was the first non-manual version of Faversham: I now only need two hands to make everything work at the same time.

Isn't my life exciting!


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