Aeneas Faversham has received 4 stars from The Scotsman: text of the storming review to follow as soon as possible.

Oh, and we also sold out again this evening: it's allll good in Team Penny Dreadful.

UPDATE - here's a little something from that review:

Jamie Anderson, Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck - all former members of the Edinburgh University improv troupe the Improverts - have crafted an absolute winner of a show here, and what's more they are all strong enough performers to make their material sparkle. ...

The acting is excellent throughout - controlled and confident - but what is really striking about this quartet is their effortlessly excellent diction. Given the state of radio comedy these days - and I'm thinking of Radio 4 in particular here - somebody should get these guys on the airwaves, pronto.


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including the quote "lip-bitingly good".

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