5 down...

With five performances of The Fringe's Finest Sketch Show (tm) now under our belt, I think it is now safe to say we are beginning to hit our stride as far as Aeneas is concerned. After a slightly wobbly start due to the unrestrained peculiarities of our venue, we have now settled into a pleasant rythm that has seen us send home three very happy audiences on the bounce.

Now that minor concern has been addressed, we can turn our attention to garnering sparkly reviews and throwing our weight around like we is famous or sumfin'. A number of lovely people have accosted one or all of us in the street to tell us we are good, and this trapping of minor fame is most acceptable. Thanks new friends.

In the Wider World of the Festival (tm), I've yet to see any other shows, apart from The Improverts, which I was guesting on and was as fantastic as ever, and an afternoon character comedy show at the Pleasance which kinda sucked. I shall not name it here because that's not cool, but if anyone wants to know what it was, you can e-mail in and I'll tell you. Unless it is your show, in which case I will pretend it was someone else.

Time to fill the rest of my night off with Football Manager 2006 and sweet, sweet repose.



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