Home now after Shamtastic gig. ShamWagon was in the Critic's choice of the Scotsman today ("This troupe have hit upon the secret formula. Improv wannabes should watch and learn."), which may be in part responsible for the rather sizeable audience. Thank you to all who came along.

It was our final performance at The Stand before the Fringe, our swan song, if you will. Although a swan song is what a swan sings as it is dying. So it's perhaps not an apt comparison. It was a rather decent, fun show which got better and better as it continued, unlike the concomitant sickly swan. There were many references to swans during the show. Swans and gorillas. What beastly irony.

Ghost Swan
Quick survey: Do swans sing as they die? Or do they simply let out one final moany breath which we now euphemistically refer to as some sort of heavenly aria? I should imagine you'd have to be present at a swan's deathbed/pond to find out. Or kill a swan. And without shooting it in the face, that would endanger its vocal chords. Perhaps poison it gently with laced breadcrumbs.

Tonight was our last show of our season at The Stand: be sure to join us in The Pleasance Courtyard at 11pm throughout August.


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