Today heralded the arrival of that stalwart of any show's fringe publicity, the humble flyer. Over the next month, all over the festival, family, friends and bewildered Javanese industrial sealant salesmen on a team-building holiday will have these garishly coloured pieces of cheap card, adorned with grossly distorted quotes from the Luton Bugle thrust into their disinterested hands.

Not this time you faithless hounds! In a masterstroke of underhand genius, the fabulous (in the traditional sense) production team has created probably the greatest flyers the Fringe has ever seen. People will talk of these for years to come rather than cracking weak jokes about their suitability for roach material. Apparently it's something to do with being on the drugs.

three knaves
Cunningly disguised as playing cards, these nifty notices furnish those upon whom they are bestowed with all the trenchant information, while providing a valuable source of diversion during whatever it is you mistakenly chose to go and see instead. Look out for them, they're looking out for you.

P.S. Did you get the title? Jamie is Scottish. And he'll be flyering. No-one? Fine.


Blogger Tassie_gal said...

They look nifty....I may come to your fringe show just to find a flyer!!

8:18 AM  

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