BIO: David Reed

David has performed improvised comedy for the last five years with every Edinburgh-based improv troupe: Comic Book Story, with The Stand Players, The Improverts, and 'Whose Lunch Is It Anyway?'. He also directed The Improverts for two years.

He has appeared with John Hegley in his Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2005 show Uncut Confetti.

David has starred in lead roles in many dramatic productions in Edinburgh such as The Country Wife, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, Victory, The Creation of the World and Noises Off.

David has co-written the one-act play The Crab Nebula with Thom, an adaptation of Eric Chevillard's post-modern novel and a trilogy of pantomimes with Thom, and has co-written other projects including the musical Thin Walls.

He has appeared as an extra on popular Scottish kids' show 'Balamory' and Richard Jobson's 'A Woman in Winter'.

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