Penny Dreadfuls: San Andreas

Well frankly Favernaughts what a week it's been, and its not over yet. On Tuesday last we had the distinct honour of performing at the Byre in St Andrews for a crowd of quite simply splendid people. Some of whom had the good grace and courtesy to be not only entertained but attractive to boot, which makes all the difference in this post 9/11 world, as I'm sure you'll agree. With the successful d├ębut of a number of P.D. branded frivolous distractions our collective attentions now face southwards. London beckons for our final performances in, the year of our Lord, 2006 (MMVI for those following in the Latin text) and I just wish to take this opportunity to show my thanks to everyone and anyone who may have attended even a single unit of our numerous appearances or may even be casting off their mantle of Dreadful virginity with the arrival of the week's end. I thank you and I salute you.

Good cheer, God speed and a Merry Christmas everyone.


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